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Supervision day in your country

In cooperation with other TRE® trainers, Deva Laya offer the possibilty to come back for a follow up day to help you in your certification process. This is a Supervision day where discussions,  individual guiding and own tremoring is included.


  • When invoicing to your company

Scheduled dates

At this moment no scheduled SV days




The day could look something like this (depending of the amount of participants)

This day is planned to prepare you all for starting to work with clients with a TRE structure to practice that way of working.

The start of the day we'll do together all of us. First talk around holding the space, what to think about having a client, questions you have etc.

9.30am - startup together
Then you'll practice on each other giving/receiving a session

At 1PM we take lunch

The group will be split in two after lunch (which means one group have a long lunch)

2pm-5pm Supervision of brought in filmed sessions. Interactive learning for all trainees