Supervision Sessions

Deva Laya offers supervision session as a part of your certification to become a TRE® provider.

Payment for Skype sessions has to be done in advance by bank transfer. Please send me all of your invoice details and VAT(BTW) number and I'll send you the invoice.

In some cases you could do it through PayPal. Book your time through the online booking system below.

Please be aware of that the time shown in the booking system is time zone Stockholm; CEST during summer time (UTC/GMT+2)/CET during winter time(UTC/GMT+1)


Personal sessions
Skype personal sessions is €95 (70 min)
Supervised guided 1:1 sessions
From Feb 1st 2017 the fee for supervised 1:1 sessions is 115€ (85 min)
Supervised Group sessions 
From Feb 1st 2017 the Supervised group session is €140 (110-120 min)


Thank you in advance for your trust!

Looking forward to work with you!


Online I work with Skype or Zoom. If you do not wish to create a Skype account, I recommend you to download Zoom and just have the application on your devise - then I'll send you a meeting invitation for our sceduled session and no registration is required by you.