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TRE® Certification program -
TRE® Provider

Module I

Module I – 2-day training  
(face to face – in a group setting) 

This module is open to the general public and can be used for your own personal deepening of TRE® without going through the certification process towards becoming a TRE® Provider.

Module I will include:
  • Anatomy, neurology and physiology of stress and trauma as it relates to TRE®
  • Understanding of the tremor response
  • Introduction to the Polyvagal theory
  • Defense reactions as they relate to TRE®
  • Containment and grounding strategies
  • Introduction to basic skills of working with individuals and groups
  • Introduction to TRE® and personal tremoring experience

Between modules 1 and 2 all trainees will focus on:  
  • Personal TRE® process which will include:
    • Four (4) personal TRE® sessions being accompanied by the Certification Trainer to support consistent TRE® practice, self-regulation skills and awareness 
      (This will be completed before the end of the certification training process)
    • Journaling and/or logging of at least 40 personal TRE® experiences 
      (This will be completed before the end of the certification training process)
  • Learning the TRE® Template and teaching TRE®:
    • Begin practice-teaching sessions with close friends and family.  The Certification Trainer will determine how many practice-teaching session and who will be taught in those sessions
    • Document and record your reflections of the practice-teaching experience utilizing a reflection guideline that will be provided
  • Deepen knowledge and theory of TRE®:
    • Read required books and prepare a short report
    • View the required DVD’s and prepare a short report

The specific requirements and schedule for completion related to the above will be provided by the Certification Trainer.
To be certified you need to attend both Module I and Module II and follow up on required supervision sessions.

2-day training
Cost for Module I SEK3400/€3400
             (early bird SEK3000/€300)

3-day training
Cost for Module I SEK4500/€440

The cost may differ when the CT is coming to your country to give the training.
The fee includes a non-refundable depositum/admin fee of €80/SEK750.
*These fee's may differ if the training is provided in a country where there is an organizer for Deva Laya.

Additional costs will apply for supervision sessions and required reading/media. You can find the approx. certification cost here.

For overview of trainings and workshops given by Deva Laya , please look here

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Primary Certification Trainer: 
This person will usually be the one teaching the module 1 training where the certification process begins.  This person will be responsible for providing all the training and supervision and/or overseeing and monitoring this process.
The Primary Certification Trainer (Level III) has the responsibility to:

  • Ensure the trainee is competent at the point of certification; to this end, the trainee may need to have additional sessions and/or fulfill additional requirements to meet certification competency
  • Set fees and payment process
  • Inform all persons interested in certification about additional information related to their particular certification training program
  • Ensure that all trainees are enrolled in the TRE®, LLC Certification Enrollment website before beginning their personal TRE® sessions (trecertificationenrollment.com)
    • Once proof of enrollment has been provided the trainee will receive the following:​
      • “Areas of Awareness in the Practice of TRE®” paper
      • TRE® Template & manual

The Certification Trainer will issue the Certified TRE® Provider certificate upon successful completion of requirements