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Module II

Module 2 & 3 – 2 x 2 day training ( in a group setting)
You have to be able to follow the Module 2 / 3 dates connected to the Module 1 you partivipated in. The Modules is completed as a part of a full program together with the Certification Trainer you started the Module 1 with.

Module 2 / 3 will include:

  • Deepening of module 1 content
  • Debrief of practice-teaching experiences
  • Review of the “Areas of Awareness in the Practice of TRE®” paper
  • Role of fascia in TRE®
  • TRE® basic interventions (touch and non-touch energy expanding interventions)
  • TRE® modifications
  • Working within your scope of practice, knowledge, and competency
  • Ethical awareness
  • Introduction to leading others through the TRE® process

Following module 2 and prior to final certification the trainee will:

  • Teach min. 4 individuals TRE® and receive feedback from a Certification Trainer
  • Teach min. 4 groups of people TRE® and receive feedback from a Certification Trainer
    • The size and the make-up of the group will be determined by the trainee and the Certification Trainer
  • Integrate the learning from one teaching experience prior to proceeding to the next teaching experience
  • Demonstrate competency in all the identified areas

Cost for Module II / III per weekend SEK3400/€330
(when a 2-day training)

Additional costs will apply for supervision sessions and required reading/media            
Prices given for 2-day trainings VAT is included for private persons, and excluded for companies. Reveresed charge will apply within EU for companies with valid VAT registration number. The fee includes a non-refundable depositum/admin fee of €80/SEK750.

TRE®, LLC recommends that as much as possible the above supervision requirements take place in a group-supervision setting.  The Certification Trainer will determine how much will take place in group-settings and/or individual sessions.  Also; the above, can be completed via Skype when the Certification Trainer determines this is necessary and adequate.

Assessment for Certification:

The Certification Trainer will determine the process used for assessing trainee competency.  Trainees will be informed of this assessment process in the information package that will be provided prior to certification training registration.


Each country or region may have a few additional requirements.
You can find this information by contacting a TRE® Certification Trainer  in your country.

Primary Certification Trainer: 

This person will usually be the one teaching the module 1 training where the certification process begins.  This person will be responsible for providing all the training and supervision and/or overseeing and monitoring this process.
The Primary Certification Trainer  has the responsibility to:

  • Ensure the trainee is competent at the point of certification; to this end, the trainee may need to have additional sessions and/or fulfill additional requirements to meet certification competency
  • Set fees and payment process
  • Inform all persons interested in certification about additional information related to their particular certification training program
  • Ensure that all trainees are enrolled in the TRE, LLC Certification Enrollment website before beginning their personal TRE® sessions (trecertificationenrollment.com)
  • Once proof of enrollment has been provided the trainee will receive the following:
    • “Areas of Awareness in the Practice of TRE®” paper
    • TRE® Template / How to teach the TRE® exercises
  • Trainer will issue the Certified TRE® Provider certificate upon successful completion