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TRE® Certification Trainer
- by invitation only

The Level III TRE® CertificationTrainers provide certification training and supervision to Module I/ II trainees in both certification tracks.  TRE® Certification Trainers are certified to teach the didactic materials and workshops associated with the TRE® Certification Program.

These TRE® Trainers are selected, via invitation, by the TRE® organization.

Selection of new TRE® Mentors/Certification Trainers

What is important to understand is that TRE® Certification Trainers is not a self-selection programme. 

Prior to being invited into the "Mentor-pool", TRE,LLC requiers you to at least have been certified TRE® Provider (Full certification) for at least one year. You must actively work with TRE® both individually and giving workshops (small groups).
You actively need to assist in Module-trainings so that several TRE™ Certification Trainers can see if you meet the required qualities TRE,LLC is looking for. A minimum of two different CT need to recommend you to TRE,LLC. When there is a need for new mentors in your country of residence, you then might be invited into the mentor programme.

There is a minimum of one year of mentoring before someone is invited into the TRE® Certification Trainer programme, and this happens when there is a need for new trainers in your country of residence. Not all TRE® Mentors are moved forward to the TRE® Certification Trainer programme.