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TRE® individual sessions

The first time you meet a TRE® Provider, you get to learn the exercises and how to self-regulate them so you can use them on your own at home later on. We adjust the technique according to your bodys capacity if you have any physical limitations. I support you in your process and guide in how we can allow your body to release stress and tension if it comes to a stop.

TRE® is a tool in helping you release stored tension, stress and trauma from the body, as well as restoring the natural balance in body, soul and mind.

You can book one single session or multiple sessions to get continous support in your process (we normally suggest a minimum of 3 sessions over a longer period of time, additional to you doing it on your own at home).

The sessions can be provided over Zoom as well as on site. Deva Laya is an experienced Online-provider, and have been providing TRE® through Skype/Zoom since 2011.

The first session is approx. 75-85 min (€110*)

Follow up sessions is approx. 60-70 min (€80*)

If you book and plan three session when you book your first one, you will get all three for a total of €215*
Make your booking through TRE-Online.com

In some occations, I offer a sliding scale for sessions through Zoom. If needed, please contact me.

* does not apply for people going through the certification process