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Handledning under certifieringsprocessen

As a part of becoming a crtified TRE® Provider, a minimum required sessions needs to be supervised. Partly for your own process of growth and unwinding, partly for making sure that the basic capacities in guiding someone else through TRE® is met and happens in a safe way.

Supervision session in the certifiecation process
Personal tremoring session

60-75 min SEK 800
Supervised 1:1 guided session
80-90 min SEK 1000/1200*
Supervised group-guided session
100-110 min SEK 1200/1400*

*on-site in Stockholm

Work hours for online sessions;
Monday - Thursday  10am - 5pm (Tue. 11am -  6pm)
Friday 10am - 1pm

If you need sessions outside of these hours, there is an additional fee of €20/SEK200 per hour.